Upcoming Events:

Saturday 6th May, 2017, 12.00 Noon - PMKC Main Lounge
Annual General Meeting

Sunday 4th June, 2017
Afternoon event - Denise Noice and Just A Capella singers

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For any Membership Queries please email us. Details can be found on the Contact Us page.

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Vice Patron Single £15.00 £10.00
Vice Patron Joint £20.00 £15.00
Patron Single £25.00 £20.00
Patron Joint £30.00 £25.00
Grand Patron Single £35.00 £30.00
Grand Patron Joint £40.00 £35.00
Supporting Lodge £60.00 £50.00

Please Note:

The Fee for the First Year of Membership will be the Joining Fee and the Annual Subsciption added together


*Joining Fee includes 1 Lapel Pin for Single Levels and 2 Lapel Pins for Joint Levels


Membership Benefits

As a Vice Patron, Patron or Grand Patron you will be able to proudly wear the Association's striking and distinctive Yellow Rose tie / lapel pin.

As a Supporting Lodge your lodge will be able to proudly display on your lodge summons the following text:

"Supporting Lodge of the Association of Friends of Prince Michael of Kent Court".

And on your lodge bible cushion the Association's striking and distinctive Yellow Rose Emblem and with your Lodge's permission we would like to include your Lodge name, Number and Province on the Association Roll Of Honour displayed on our website.

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